With intense dark cherry aromas and floral tones, it has soft tannins and lingers to a long, fruit finish.


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This Pinot is grown on a single parcel only 16 Km from the Pacific Ocean. The sandy soil lies on a clay bed, providing the roots with 30cm of well-drained soil to explore and a block of clay to keep the water supply during the summer. The cool coastal breeze allows grapes to ripen gently and to produce the distinctive fruitiness of Coastal Aconcagua wines.

For years, the hillsides of Mt. Paidahuen have been a meeting ground for Aconcagua Valley inhabitants. Today, these slopes are home to the In Situ vineyard, where enigmatic rock drawings from ages past remain intact among native plant life and grapevines, symbolizing a union between past and present Aconcagua. The In Situ philosophy is to create wines that reflect the unique character of the Aconcagua Valley. Through our careful winemaking techniques, we strive to capture the full expression of the vineyard’s terroir in every bottle.

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Case of 12 x 75cl Bottles, Single Bottle 75cl

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Wine Type

Still Wine

Grape Variety

Pinot Noir