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About Us

Stuffy wine merchants we are not!  Brothers Jon and David Horton run Addison Wines, a proudly independent company for over 200 years. Approachable and friendly, they’re happy to chat wine with you and find the perfect wine for your palate at the right price for your pocket.  We only stock wines we would serve to our friends, giving our portfolio that personal touch.

In today’s commercial era of conglomeration, mass branding has led to the steady but sure homogenization of many products.  Here at Addison Wines we have long felt it is our duty to embrace and support unique and interesting products that have been created with passion, dedication and sheer hard work.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of wines from quality boutique growers creating wines with real charm. Sure, you may sometimes pay a few pence more than you would for a mass produced item (and by the same token – sometimes you will pay less) – but what you gain in terms of quality and individuality is immeasurable.

We focus our attention on boutique growers and are proud to list many family owned and run wineries. Because whether you are growing wine, selling wine or drinking wine – family is at the heart of it.